Varina Farms Breakfast Blend Toro

Varina Farms Breakfast Blend cigar seems to be catering to the “morning cup of coffee and cigar” crowd with this stick. The beautiful caramel-colored Connecticut-shade cigar comes wrapped in paper and appears to fit right in with coffee and the morning paper. First light brings a dry wood taste and grassy aroma that slowly gives way to coffee bean, cedar and earth. The ash is white and the draw slightly tight. Bitterness elbows its way into the fold and brings the experience to a halt. With flavors that are good, but never seem to hit their stride and a fairly uneven burn, this 6” x 52 Toro is somewhat disappointing. Being a consistent medium in body with under-achieving flavors, this cigar is perhaps hindered by unreasonable expectations, expectations created by the “Breakfast Blend” moniker. A faint reminder of the old Jamaican Temple Hall cigars, these Varina Farms cigars are pleasant enough for those wanting to escape spicy and bold.

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