Graycliff Casiliero Privada Piccolo Extra

The Graycliff Casiliero Privada is supposedly the rarest of Graycliff cigars, originally available only at the Graycliff Resort. This 5” x 46 Piccolo Extra is a richly textured cigar with a simple, low-key cigar band and leathery aroma. The initial light brings a plethora of flavors, with cocoa and spice leading the way. Nutmeg, cinnamon and coffee also jump in the mix making for a great tasting profile. The enjoyment is dulled, however, by the cigars construction. A frustratingly uneven draw and burn made just keeping the cigar lit a chore. Hoping this was an isolated event, several more Casiliero Privadas were sampled with the same result. Usually one could overlook the flaws to get to the cigars great taste, but being a Graycliff it is severely disappointing. Perhaps others will have better luck and it just might be worth a go to experience the flavors.

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