CAO La Traviata Intrepido

At a hefty 7” x 54, the La Traviata Intrepido is built for the long haul. Its leathery appearance and peppery aroma are enticing and the first light is pleasantly easy. The cigar proves that the leather is not just for looks, as an initial leather taste is bathed in flourishes of cocoa, chestnut and spice. A deep chocolaty texture develops, while the body intensifies about halfway through. Splashes of pepper and nougat fill out the finish and leave behind a thick charcoal-scented smoke. The construction was surperb and the burn even all of the way. A good smoke for the money that should please most. Nothing new here, just a solid “relaxing under a tree by a babbling brook” type of cigar. Set aside a chunk of the day and enjoy!

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