5 Vegas Gold Bullion

The 5 Vegas Gold Bullion weighs in at a husky 6” x 60 and with its gold band garnishing a Connecticut wrapper, is as bright as the name implies. A hot and spicy first light gives way to gentle wood and cream nuances that hop about the taste buds, as slight hints of mixed nuts lurk underneath. The construction is fair, if a little loose, and the ash is white and flakey. Flavors of chestnuts, walnuts and a plethora of other nuttiness bullies its way to the forefront as the cigar hits the halfway mark. The Bullion maintains a surprisingly mild character for as much flavor is packed into this nugget, even with a spicier finish that peters out just as it is about to hit its stride. Not a lot of depth with this smoke, but for those wanting a mild yet flavorful cigar at prices far below the going price of actual gold, the Vegas 5 Gold is… wait for it… a gold mine.

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