Litto Gomez Diez Robusto – Cubano

This is a hearty robusto from Litto Gomez, the creator of La Flor Dominicana. It is full flavored and smooth. I have not seen any good deals for these, they seem to run around $10 a stick everywhere. They are excellent cigars though, and every now and then I pick one up from Don Juan.

La Flor Dominicana’s ligeros and double ligeros have always been some of my favorites. I think these are right on par with the double ligeros as far as strength goes. I don’t recommend smoking them on an empty stomach.

E.P. Carrillo New Wave Connecticut

These were so cheap (around $4.50) and from a respected brand, so I had to try them. I got the robusto sized “Brillante” and a slightly smaller ring gauged “Stellas.” I smoked the Brillante last night. It was mild to medium bodied, and pretty good. It didn’t knock my socks off, but for the money, it’s a great smoke. Here is a look at the cigars on EP’s website:

Alec Bradley Family Blend T11

A while back Cigar Aficionado had rated these a 94, so I picked up one from my local cigar shop to give it a try. It seems like CA only gives out a few 94+ ratings per year, so whenever they do I usually try one. It was great, and I ordered a box. The one I smoked last night reminded me that I need t write about these. These are a torpedo shaped smoke with a dark wrapper. They have a complex earthy flavor with some nice spicy pepper to them as well. The box has been pretty consistent so far. I would say that they are medium to full-bodied. Definitely worth trying and keeping a few on hand if you like the medium to full bodied smokes.

Starting back up again

I finally got around to installing the WordPress app on my Samsung Captivate android phone (which I like much more than the iphone I posted from previously). So I should be doing some more reviews again soon.

During the interim, I have ordered quite a few boxes of some great cigars. I really like the Oliva Serie V’s and I never seem to get tired of their full, complex flavor. I’m on my 4th box, and I’ve tried the figurados, churchills, torpedos and belicosos. They are all awesome. I’ve never been dissapointed by their construction or flavor.

I recently got a box of Romeo y Julieta cedro deluxe no.1, and these too have been some of my favorite cigars the past few years. They are medium bodied, with a really nice cedar aroma and flavor. The price is great too, when you can get a box from for around $80.

The Lito Gomez cigars are awesome, powerful smokes that you should definitely try if you like full bodied ligeros. I’ve purchased quite a few singles, but there doesn’t seem to be any deals floating around on boxes of them.

I tried the Montecristo platinums, which were peppery and full bodied, but I wasn’t much impressed because they seemed pretty one dimensional.

The Graycliff blue labels were a recent medium bodied smoke I liked, but I can’t think of anything else recently that stands out.