5 Vegas Relic

The construction on these things is unbelievably poor. Every one I’ve smoked is riddled with hard and soft spots throughout. One felt like it had a branch in it, and this one spouted a blow hole about an inch back after being lit. I’ve actually never seen a cigar do something like this before. It was erupting like a BP welhead.

The flavor is pretty one dimensional, earthy.

If you’re looking to save some money on some ligeros, like I was when I decided to try a 5 pack of these, you’ll do better waiting for some premium cigars to go on sale.

Helix Maduro X Pyramid

Trying to clean out the humidor of some smokes that I don’t normally reach for, I came across this Helix which had been given to me. I was pleasantly surprised at its good construction and flavor. It was medium bodied, with a slight minty taste and good flavors of wood and tobacco. Not a bad smoke at all.