Arturo Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8

I decided to try this particular Fuente because I had seen it at the top of’s list of “top 100 affordable cigars” for some time now. I was pleasantly greeted with a nice peppery start with tastes of honey and wood. The smoke has a nice spicy scent when inhaled too. Tastes familiar in fact, to some of my favorite Fuentes, the Opus X, but at a much better price point. This is my second ff 858, and both have had perfect construction. Both really nice flavor and burn. I would definitely call them full bodied. This is a definite candidate for a box purchase for every day smokes. It is an excellent cigar.

Montecristo 75th Anniversary – Toro

This is a well constructed Montecristo with a wrapper slightly darker than their normal wrappers. It burns very nice and even, and starts off with a nice mild to medium flavor of chocolate, coffee, and hazelnut. There is a definite creaminess to it, and it finishes off nicely, as most Montecristos do. This is a great cigar.

Don Pepin Garcia Invictos – Toro

This is a well made cigar that starts off full bodied with a woody flavor and hints of chocolate and espresso. The burn wavers a bit, but evens itself out. It has a some spiciness and pepper when inhaled through the nose. It is a great full bodied cigar.

Partagas Limited Reserve 1999 – Robusto

This is the PLR that comes in an attractive glass tube with the Partagas logo painted on it. The cigar starts off smooth, sweet and creamy, with an even burn. It has an easy draw with good volume of smoke and tight speckled ash. It has a touch of the tea like aroma I noticed in the older PLR I reviewed. It finishes off nice and is an excellent cigar.

Cuvee Blanc – Robusto

This is a really nice mild robusto with tastes of creamy vanilla and almonds. It had a perfect burn. I forget how I acquired this cigar, but I think it was in a free sampler. The Cuvee blanc has a unique flavor, and may be a good choice for those who like milder smokes.

H. Upmann Cabinet Seleccion – Corona

This cigar sat in my humidor a few months, and I took it out today to give it a try. Expecting it to be mild (based on some larger sized Upmanns I’ve had in the past), I was surprised at the full flavor this small corona had. It was creamy with hints of leather and coffee. A little pepper noted also, but really nice when inhaled through the nose. The burn was perfect, and I would definitely buy one again. This was an excellent cigar.

Cain F – Toro

The first one I had was a tight draw, but this second one draws nice and seems well constructed. I didn’t write my review on the first one because I figured it was probably not the norm, and Cain’s cigars are usually well constructed and consistent in that regard. This cigar has a bit more of a flavor profile than the regular Cains. It is earthy with hints of leather and a fruity flavor. Also noted is some licorice taste. It is full bodied, and the ligero filler packs some nicotine. This is an excellent cigar.