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Starbucks & Montecristo #2….yum

EP Carrillo 2009 Edicion Inaugural

Strong prelight aroma of honey and aged tobacco. Starts off peppery with a nice aroma and spicy full flavor. The first third is very good, and reminds me of an OpusX. It stays consistently flavorful throughout and develops a little licorice in the second half. The burn was perfect throughout. I’d say this cigar definitely lives up to the hype surrounding it. It is well worth the price and if you’re an OpusX fan, you will love it. They are limited in number and may be difficult to find, so grab one at your local shop if you see them.

La Flor Dominicana Ligero Torpedo

I smoked one of these tonight after taking the family out on the Lake for a little boiled seafood and fishing. This is one of my favorite cigars, in fact, it was the first one I ever reviewed on this blog. This cigar was the one that really turned me on to ligeros. They have a uniquely smooth but full flavor that gives a powerful nicotine buzz. These, the Oliva Serie V, and CAO Criolo’s are some of my favorite ligeros. If you know of any other good ligeros, please post them in the comments.

Perdomo Reserve Criollo – 10th Anniversary – Robusto

This cigar starts off full-bodied with an earthy, woody flavor. Slight pepper and spice to it. About midway through it smooths out a little more and picks up a nice spiceiness that is somewhat aromatic and sweet. This is a good cigar, it didn’t knock my socks off, but good, and at the price I paid well worth the money.

Nestor Miranda Special Selection – Figurado – Ruky

This cigar is perfectly constructed and starts off with a woody, earthy taste and medium to full body. Around halftime it has a nice licorice flavor with some swetness and a nice aroma. This is a maduro, and those who like full bodied maduros should like this cigar.