Montecristo No. 2 – Non-cuban, Dominican

This is my first time smoking this popular cigar. It is tightly rolled with a stiff draw, but not so much so that it is a problem. The outward appearance seems flawless. The first third is incredible. The cigar has great flavor with sweet aromatic smoke that tastes great when passed through the sinuses. It definitely has a complexity that is difficult to describe. I’d like to say coffee, cream and berries, but there’s more to it than that. I’m not experienced enough to know why people get so hung up on a cigar’s ash, but this cigar has the whitest ash I’ve seen. It holds solid for quite a while too.

Midway through, a little pepper and more spice, it maintains its sweet aroma. From start to finish, the best way I can describe this cigar is Wow! It definitely lives up to its name. This is one of the best cigars I’ve smoked. Can’t wait to compare the cuban version. This review was for the brown label no. 2. I later smoked a white label, and it was very similar but milder.

Don Juan Cigar Company – Metairie, New Orleans, LA

Don Juan is a local cigar shop I frequent, and it is definitely one of the best local shops in the New Orleans area. Just a few of the highlights include:

  • Easy access from Severn Ave., with plenty of parking.
  • Huge selection of cigars including some of the harder to find premiums like H. Uppman cabinets, Opus X, and Fuente Anejos.
  • Comfortable upstairs cigar lounge with sofas, drinks, and a large flat panel TV.
  • Regular cigar tasting events with premium manufacturers, food and drinks.
  • Great specials on premium cigars like Montecristo 10 packs (buy 3 get one free).
  • Humidified cigar lockers for rent.
  • Additional location in Baton Rouge, LA

The owner and staff who work there are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I’ve only met the owner a few times, but he always goes out of his way to talk to me, educate me about the different brands, and ask if he can help. Today in particular, I came in and walked out with some great deals and a mountain of free goodies. When I told him about a few cigars that had molded (which was probably due to the humidity of my humidor being a little high), he told me to bring them in and he’d replace them. When I explained that I had thrown them away (it was only two cigars), he gave me a replacement without hesitation.

I really can’t speak highly enough about the friendly staff here. If you’re in the New Orleans area, Don Juan Cigar is a must stop shop.

Don Juan Cigar Company
3200 Severn Ave. Suite 118
Metairie, LA 70002


Montecristo Especial No. 1

This is a great mild cigar that has consistent flavor from start to finish. It is well constructed with a flawless burn. The flavors I tasted were a creamy combination of coffee and nuts with a subtle sweetness. This is a great daytime smoke. I will keep an eye out for a good deal on a box of these.

CAO Brazilia Torpedo

This cigar has a dark, oily wrapper, and appears to be well constructed. It starts out with good flavor. Hints of cocoa and spice. Midway through some coffee and more earthy flavors. Burning really nice even in this terrible wind we’re having. It finishes off great. This is a good full bodied cigar, but lacks the kick I get from some of the Ligeros I like.

Ashton Estate Sun Grown Torpedo – 22 Year Salute

Surprisingly, this cigar started off very peppery. The pepper quickly subsided though, and I began to notice the creaminess I had been told this cigar would have. I also noticed some sweetness on my tongue after exhaling. The cigar was great, and a unique flavor, but not to my tastes for the hefty price tag. Others may disagree.

Macanudo Vintage 2000 Tubo

This is a well constructed toro sized tubo that was given to me by a friend that swears by them. Though normally too mild for my taste, this Macanudo has great flavor for a mild cigar. It burns evenly with hints of coffee and nuts that are consistent throughout. I know a lot of other mild cigars that are equally tasteful and not as pricey, like the Ashtons and Avos, but this is an excellent cigar I’d smoke anytime I want a mild stogie.