CAO – Criollo – Pato

This cigar has a nice prelight aroma that is chocolaty, and its outward appearence makes me think it is well constructed. It is more of a robusto size at 50 x 5″. It starts off with a spicy full flavor. Halfway through some of the spice subsides and it becomes rich with the distinct aroma of roasted coffee beans. I had some burn issues that neede correcting, but it was likely due to the wind. This cigar had a great earthy flavor as CAO advertises, but I would call it more full bodied than medium-full as they describe it. A top notch stogie in my opinion, and if I see a good deal on a box of these, I will jump on it.

La Flor Dominicana Cabinet Oscuro L-400

These cigars have a dark, oily Ecuadorian Sumatra leaf wrapper that has a full rich flavor, but leaves a slightly bitter taste on the lips at first. The flavor is full and spicy with hints of coffee and chocolate. It has a perfect burn that doesn’t require touch up. A touch of licorice develops mid way through and the flavor is overall consistent throughout otherwise. This is an excellent cigar.

La Flor Dominicana Perfecto Habano

This is a well- constructed cigar in the perfecto shape. It starts off with a mild to medium bodied flavor that is smooth with hints of chocolate, licorice and leather. The draw is very nice. It gets sweeter and fruity about midway through. The ash holds well, and for a little while it burned uneven, but that soon corrected itself. This is a great cigar for times when you might want a medium bodied smoke.

Nub Cameroon

The nub cameroon is a stout little stogie that never lets me down. It starts off with a great medium body flavor that reminds me of coffee and cream. The construction is perfect in every one I’ve tried. The burn is even as well. I’m about 1/3 of the way through this one and I notice an increase in spice. The cigar is consistently good and great for when you don’t have that hour and a half to finish a smoke.

My Father – No. 3 (crema)

This cigar has a strong prelight aroma, making me think it will be a peppery full bodied cigar, but boy am I wrong. It starts off with a perfect draw and burn. The flavor is smooth, creamy with hints of chocolate and cedar. It does get stronger towards the end, but never overpowering. A perfect blend of tobacco here. This one is a 10.

Partagas – Series S – Perfecto

Prelight aroma is rich and hearty. It starts off smooth with a sweet woodsy flavor. Draw is a bit tight, but acceptable. The smoke is aromatic with a very pleasant scent; burn is perfect. Halfway through, the flavor is very complex with hints of spice and licorice. Still sweet and smooth overall, but slightly stronger. I remembered the last one I smoked – it finished off so well my fingers were burned and I wanted another right after. This one is exactly the same. The flavor develops so well in the last third that I’m thinking it is one of my favorite cigars of all time. It’s spicy, sweet, and more full bodied toward the end with a flavor that delights the taste buds.

Rocky Patel – Cuban Blend – Toro

I was able to get a great price on a box of these online, and I paid under $4 per stick. I read reviews on them, and I could tell they would be the type of smoke I usually enjoy. So I ordered the box without having tried one first. They are great to say the least – especially for the price. They are well constructed and consistent. The Rocky Patel cuban blend is full bodied, but smooth and tasty. My only complaint so far is from one I smoked last night that I noticed got very bitter at the end. After smoking about 10 of these that was the first time I noticed that. I will keep an eye out for it in the future; hopefully it was just an anomolie.

Hoyo de Monterrey – Epicure No. 1 – Cuban

This cigar was legally gifted to me. It was very well constructed and had a perfect burn and draw. While the flavor was mild by comparison to most cigars I smoke (I usually go for more full bodied cigars), it had a really nice flavor with hints of cedar, fruit, and coffee. It also got spicy towards the end, but it never became overpowering like many of the more full bodied smokes I enjoy. Tonight I was looking for a mild cigar, and this hit the spot. I was surprised that it actually reminded me of the HDM Excaliburs that I enjoy, which aren’t cuban.

La Flor Dominicana – double ligero – Chisel

This is a great full bodied, smooth cigar. Great construction normally, although I have bought a few from one dealer where the outer wrapper unraveled on me. I think it may have been due to some poor care though; I’ve never had LFD’s do that before or since. The one I’m smoking now has perfect construction and burn. the flavor is consistent from start to finish, smooth, with hints of coffee and spice.

La Gloria Cubana – Toro

This is an excellent full bodied cigar that is well constructed. Even burn with no problems during tje whole smoke. Lots of flavor from start to finish, with tastes of coffee, wood, and pepper. very strong at the end, but I like that. Perfect smoke if you like full bodied cigars.