Padron – 1964 Anniversary – Imperial

This cigar did not live up to what I’ve read about it, but was very good. It started off without much flavor but got better as I got about 1/3 of the way through.

Ashton – Magnum – Robusto

Tight draw, nice burn, Mild sweet flavor.

Ashton – Cabinet – #6

This was a mild cigar that burned really well, even, and stayed lit even when put down for a while. It had a nice coffee flavor and got peppery towards the end.

Hoyo De Monterrey – Excalibur Legend – Crusader

This was a very well aged cigar with full bodied, smooth flavor.

Arturo Fuente – Gran Reserva – Rothschild – Maduro

This was a really interesting cigar. It was very well constructed, even throughout, with a dark brown wrapper that was so thick and veiny it felt like a piece of leather. The burn resulted in a tight white ash, and was even except where it slowed down around the thick veins. The flavor was very plain “maduro” at first then got a little sweater as the cigar progressed.

TE-AMO – World Selection Series – Cuba Blend

This is one of their short stubby cigars. It was wrapped very loose, and the tobacco had a strange sweet smell that I wasn’t used to before it was lit. This was one of the rare occasions I didn’t like the taste of the cigar at all. It was rather foul, and I put it out after about 1/3 of the way through.

Flor De Olivo – Maduro – Robusto

This was a very good smoke for the price. Definite maduro flavor, medium bodied.

Oliva Series V – Special V – Figurado

Excellent flavor and construction, full, smooth, earthy taste with hints of coffee and wood. This has become one of my favorites, and the Churchill size too is very good. I don’t think there is a better cigar for the price, on the market.

La Flor Dominicana – Ligero – Torpedo

I’m starting this review site off with my favorite cigar so far, the La Flor Dominicana Ligero in the torpedo shape. This is an incredibly rich cigar with a smooth flavor, almost like caramel. I am thoroughly addicted to these.